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For this local family, the kitchen is their cornerstone. After a long day, everyone gathers to create and enjoy a meal together. In order to help reflect the special meaning they felt in this room, the family decided that a remodel was needed. To ensure enough space to come together, Owner Jenny added an island that is 2” taller than normal. The island needed to be multifunction as the kitchen is the place they cook, eat, do projects and wrap presents. The light fixture makes the room feel polished and delicate. Classic marble countertops add a sense of elegance and are paired perfectly with brass accents. Deep navy cabinetry contrasts against the crisp white in the marble, while bringing a calming effect. The range hood, featuring a refined pattern, is made of printed marble. This special detail makes the space feel unique and personalized. With several windows, the kitchen feels open and flows cohesively with the surrounding rooms. Beside the oven, you can find a window seat. It was incorporated to connect the kitchen workspace without changing the size of the original window. Each evening, the family’s twin girls sit here to watch their mom cook dinner. Details like this help the space mirror the cherished memories the family has created here.

When it came to the family’s master bathroom, they wanted it to feel classy, effortless, and comfortable. Since the space wasn’t fitting the bill, the homeowners decided it was time to take on a design journey. As a tribute to the space’s original structure, Jenny recreated the solid slab marble walls found in the home’s original showers. For a luxurious touch, there are two shower heads. The color scheme, which is simple and clean, makes the space feel like a breath of fresh air. To make the room feel cozier, the designer added space for a chair. Not only does it aid in the desired intimacy, it is also a place to toss clothes or put lotion on your legs. Hints of brass are seen throughout the space on the light fixtures, faucets, and accessorizing pieces. The tiled floor, which supports the soft grey color palette, serves to the practicality and function of the room. Lastly, cabinetry surrounding the mirror provides additional storage. After its transformation, this master bath resembles exactly what the family desired.

While the homeowners were in love with the history of their home, they wanted it to function for their family. When deciding on the remodel, the family chose to keep the function and practicality that their butler’s pantry provided but knew that it needed a facelift. Since the space had beautiful cabinetry and helped tell the home’s story, they were kept and added too. Additional cabinets and counter space were added making the room also function as a caterer’s kitchen. Since the family likes to entertain, appliances were added making the space suitable for more than one purpose. The original brass hardware as re-plated adding an element of warmth and makes everything feel polished. The homeowners had an image of the room in its original state, which allowed the designer to recreate the tiled floor. Now, this butler’s pantry combines both the stories from the house and family.

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