St. Louis Kitchen Cabinet Family

On a warm summer night in 2006, Todd and Jenny sat down with Malibu & Diet Coke and decided to fuse their passion for architecture, houses and people into a local business serving St. Louis. Mrs. Kitchen & Bath designer and Mr. Kitchen & Bath installer bought Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath. Now they get to do everything from inspiration to installation of kitchen, bath and wherever spaces. Their goal was to grow a company that felt like family.

That meant creating a safe place that invited genuineness by nurturing strengths and acknowledging weaknesses.  A place where talented people show up and create amazing things together.  And on bad days, they have each others’ backs.  On other days, someone slips out to be at her grandson’s classroom party.  We all work a really hard, flexible schedule to keep “family first.”

The Karr Bick mission is to create customer-inspired spaces that no one wants to leave.  Spaces for clients to engage more fully with the people and activities they love. To design for people not awards. The Karr Bick team, showroom, product selection, process, and resources all work to that end. Their clients feel that.

They laugh a lot too.  Mostly at themselves.