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When spring rolls around, many feel a sense of renewal and awakening. Colors start to shine again. The flowers come back to life. The sun says hello after several months in hibernation. It’s a truly wonderful time of year. For all of these reasons, it’s also a great time to gather with friends and family. Celebrate together as we all watch everything around us begin to bloom again. The tips below will ensure a cheerful environment to make happy memories.

Spring Decorations
When your guests walk in, it’s always nice to see a few jaws drop. While not necessarily required, creating an environment that feels fresh and inviting is always a benefit. Experiment with pastel colors, natural textures, and patterns. If you feel like you may need more guidance or ideas with decorating, read our Cheerful Spring Decorating blog.

A Joyful Tabletop
Having a decorated tabletop helps make every meal memorable. Your spring table is no exception! To begin, start with a tablecloth. Choosing something patterned is always fun, while going with white linen will never leave you astray. If you have a wooden table though, it’s always fun to skip the tablecloth and display your beautiful table. Next, comes the table runner. If you went with a solid color tablecloth, choose a runner that’s patterned, and vice versa. Layer in some greenery, fresh flowers, jute placemats, and cloth napkins. Be playful with your table setting!

Meet a Celebration Out of Anything
While the spring has many holidays with traditions of gathering, celebrate with friends and family just because! Or make a point to enjoy each holiday fully. With St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Passover, May Day, and many more, there are plenty of opportunities to have your loved ones over. If you have young kids, hosting a tea party always creates fun memories as well!

Bright Colors
Making your space feel energized, uplifting, and joyful is way easier than you may think. By choosing colors that exude these emotions, you’ll instantly feel a shift in how your space makes you feel. Luckily, these colors are in abundance during the spring season! Utilize this in as many ways as you can. Not only within your space, but in how you set the table, the flowers you use, centerpieces, and on your plate.

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