A Contrast in Color Kitchen

June 16, 2018 by Jenny Rausch in Kitchen
A Contrast in Color Kitchen

The colors of this kitchen and its new design reflect the beauty of the homeowners’ souls and the light they bring into the world each day. Here lived a young and active family who loved their charming Clayton Tudor house as it is old with lots of character and close to their daughters’ school. However, prior to the home remodel, the kitchen was disconnected from the rest of the house with zero sight line from the kitchen to any other room. This posed a problem for the busy family as their time at home was often spent in disconnected spaces and this was precious time that the family was missing out on with each other. It was time to take action! We removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room and designed a peninsula with a really beautiful and unique hutch at the end.  The combination kept the formality of the dining room but gave us the layout we needed for their everyday family life. As far as the materials, we wanted the kitchen to look classic and to belong in the 1929 home, but we also wanted function and resilience.  Because the kitchen is now open to the dining room, we chose darker stained cabinets.  The peninsula and hutch are dark wood matched to the old doors and woodwork in the house.  Overall these colors look a bit more formal than the original white kitchen that was envisioned and they also resemble furniture. We chose quartz countertops for their durability, but chose them to look like marble with dramatic veining.  They are white with grey marbling and complement the white tiles with grey grout we chose for the backsplash. Their oldest daughter helped pick out the light fixtures.  Those are her favorite detail in the new space, but the mom’s favorite aspect is the colorful detail that makes the kitchen pop.  In the case of the kitchen, her most cherished detail includes the champagne gold hardware and the antiqued gold faucet.  We thought of these items as jewelry for her kitchen. The gold finish looks really beautiful with the grey cabinets. This colorful, yet understated kitchen is a lovely and purposeful reflection of the people that live within the space.

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