Cabinet construction is where the rubber meets the road, and also where it is often most difficult for a homeowner to decide whether to spend the extra money on one cabinet line versus another. How do you know if you are paying for a company's hyped up marketing and advertising budget or for quality construction that will make you happy with your decision for years to come?

Let’s face it, for most of us one hinge basically looks like another, and as long as the doors and drawers open we don’t care if the drawer mounts are on the sides or the bottom, or if the cabinet box is made out of plywood or particle board.


We are here to tell you that it does matter because these little things are the differences between a kitchen that will last you for decades and cabinets you want to replace in 5-7 years because they are showing "wear & tear."

This is our attempt to make sure you are well informed as you make this major investment in your home. Cabinets are typically the largest part of your kitchen remodel investment and just because they look good in the showroom and you like the color and finish doesn’t mean you are getting a high-quality cabinet line. Continue reading if you want to learn about cabinet construction practices and their impact on the functionality and durability for your kitchen.