The average kitchen of today has to accommodate a wide range of gidgets, gadgets, cookware, utensils, ingredients for cooking and state of the art appliances. And figuring out what to do with all of these accessories can lead to an organizational nightmare. So here are some of our favorite storage solutions for today’s hardworking kitchen.

Designer Note

Not all accessories are available in every cabinet line, so make sure to discuss your interests with your designer prior to selecting a cabinet line.

utensil pullout drawer

Utensil Drawer

Upright storage for all of your cooking utensils that is out of sight. It is great because it keeps them organized and easily accessible.

Photo courtesy of Schrock Cabinetry

under sink pullout drawer

Under Sink Pull Out Drawer

The space under the sink can become a cavernous cave filled with lost half-used bottles of dish soap and bleach. A pull out drawer installed under the sink gives you the ability to see and access all your cleaning supplies, without losing bottles in the way back.

Photo courtesy of Waypoint Cabinetry

countertop appliance garage


And this is exactly what it sounds like… A garage for all of your appliances! This countertop cabinet with doors and outlets at the back is the perfect way to store the gadgets you use all the time, clear your countertops of clutter and still have your appliances easily on hand.

Photo courtesy of Mouser Cabinetry

corner drawer


How do you make the best use of the corner space in a kitchen? Well, the latest trend for this is the corner drawer. It is a very creative solution to awkward angles because the drawer runs diagonally into the corner, the drawer space is very deep and plus it just looks cool!

Photo courtesy of Schrock Cabinetry

wine cabinet


Incorporating open storage for wine bottles creates visual interest in a kitchen, and offers the definite bonus of wine on hand!

Photo courtesy of Schrock Cabinetry



Having a deep sturdy base cabinet drawer with adjustable pegs is a great solution to being able to keep plates at a lower level and more easily accessible to younger members of the family or those with disabilities.

Photo courtesy of Mouser Cabinetry

built in pet feeding cabinet


Adding a set of built-in bowls for food and water for your four-legged family member will keep your kitchen looking clean and organized. And a great addition to this solution is having hidden storage for the bags of dog food.

Photo courtesy of Mouser Cabinetry

pot lid drawer


A deep pot drawer with two pullouts helps to keep your pots and pans organized. It comes with a shallow upper drawer to house all the lids and a deeper section below for the pots.

Photo courtesy of Dura Supreme Cabinetry



This pull out drawer with built-in dividers will keep your cookie sheets, muffin pans, cooling racks and trays all well organized and easily accessible.

Photo courtesy of Waypoint Cabinetry



And finally, for all those who want their kitchen absolutely clutter free, there is the hidden kitchen towel and dish soap drawer, complete with built-in towel rack!

Photo courtesy of Dura Supreme Cabinetry

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