You Can Afford the Excellence of Karr Bick

February 18, 2016 by Jenny Rausch in Budget 0 comments
You Can Afford the Excellence of Karr Bick

Our design excellence is attainable as we work with all reasonable budgets. You are what is most important to us. We invite you to come talk with us and tell us about your budget. We understand that everyone is different; no design desires or budgets are the same. The following explains how Karr Bick is within your reach:

1. We build relationships.

We ask you questions and listen. Your wishes and budget concerns will guide our work, not the other way around. We do our best to understand your design dreams and fulfill them without leading you astray from your budget.

2. We respect realistic budgets.

Remodels tend to be proportionate to the value of a home. We can help you figure that out, get to a comfortable place with what you can spend and how you can save. There are always places to splurge, and similarly ways to cut back for more modest materials that remain beautiful.

3. We are educated and we educate you.

We know the pros and cons of hundreds of materials that are to be used in the home and have a myriad of resources to provide what you dream of. Choosing the wrong materials can result in costly mistakes. With realistic expectations we are able to focus on the function and wear of material selection. You will have a major bang for every buck you spend.

4. Providing options is key.

We work with quality vendors whom we know, trust, and love. Our designers understand the when, where, and whys of how to splurge on something that you think is not in your budget. Further, they know how to meet your budget in various creative ways so your ‘splurges’ can be possible. We can find you options at affordable prices in quality products that we trust.

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