What’s Hot in Bathroom Design

What’s Hot in Bathroom Design

It’s hard to talk about bathroom design without talking a little bit about budgets and statistics.  I think home remodeling shows do a disservice in that they don’t show the real story behind budgets and remodels.  “Reality TV” tends to leave large gaps in the budget when it comes to labor costs and true pricing of goods (minus a TV sponsorship discount) and don’t take into account the massive amount of people that are willing to do things faster and under extreme production deadlines just to get a shot at showcasing their services to a broad audience.

The good news is bathroom remodels have a strong ROI (return on investment).  It’s different per demographic area but many markets see as much as 90% to 100% ROI when they remodel a kitchen or bath correctly.  Typically you will spend about 10% to 15% of your home’s value on a bath remodel.  There is a lot of plumbing and electrical work-not much less than a kitchen- and you’re working in much tighter spaces- often on second levels. These things can drive cost.

Now to the fun stuff!  Gadgets, trends and emerging trends:


  • Anything that reminds you of a luxury hotel bathroom.  Bring that vacation home back with you.  Clean lines, marbles and travertine.  Large showers with multiple heads.  Color palettes in creams and whites with brown tones for the wood vanities.
  • Grey and blue mixed with marble and white also very popular.
  • Much cleaner and more contemporary lines and higher contrasts. This goes for any house style.  People feel like they can be a little more contemporary in the master as they are typically the only ones who see it.
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting… you can create all sorts of drama and interest with lights.  Sconces, hanging fixtures and recessed toe lighting all can create a lovely atmosphere.  Use it to enhance the design and mood of the tranquil space.
  • Show some drama in your tile. Get creative with it. There are so many different tile sizes, colors, patterns and materials available. You can create a truly unique space with the magic of tile.  This is where a great designer can come in handy.  Using tiles vertically or horizontally in multiple sizes and shapes can make or break the bathroom.


Emerging Trends:

  • Freestanding bathtubs… are huge! Freestanding tubs are very flexible in that they can be contemporary or traditional.  They can be big or small and used at angles or traditionally straight – almost set in place like a piece of furniture or art.
  • Heated floors are – and continue to be – very popular. Once you have them I promise you will never want to live without them. An emerging trend is heated shower seats and heating just about any other hard surface.   They can be programmed with a thermostat on the wall so you can set and forget!



  • Kohler makes a shower head that sings to you. Literally. It works via Bluetooth with any of your devices.  The music comes out of the center of the shower head and is a perfect way to wake up in the morning.
  • Colored water in baths:  The idea is color therapy in water.  There are LED lights in the water and you set the color based on the mood you want to achieve. For instance, ‘calming’ before bed or ‘excited’ in the morning to wake up.   You can also mix them with aromatherapy in your steam shower for a true spa-like bathroom.
  • Bidet toilet seats that are heated and have vented air.  Need I say more?  The ultimate gadget!


Ultimately, no matter the trend, your bathroom needs to fit your character and your home. Educate yourself on all of the cool gadgets, gizmos and color choices. Choose wisely.

~ Jenny

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