Lead Project Manager

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“A lot of what you need to know about Randy can be found in many of the videos on our page. It goes without saying he is qualified. Is there a word more impactful than qualified? If so, that’s Randy. His many years in construction, the knowledge you inherit from seeing what he has seen, gets you through a project successfully. He is clearly a craftsman with mad skill. These are my observations over the last 20 something years of working together. Randy’s team installed the first kitchen I ever designed. He was so easy to work with and be around, he was my first choice to work with on any project I designed. We repeated the process over and over and over again together for the entirety of my career. Try as he might to shake me, 20 years later we have combined our businesses and work under the same roof. We are fairly opposite in nature, I am hurried and quick to make decisions, he is thoughtful and reserved and makes sure the decision is the correct one, or in construction more likely the best one. At the core however, we both believe in our people and the power of a team. We know it’s important to like and admire the people you work next to everyday. Family, our people and their people first, everything else falls into place if you pay attention at home. When we joined forces, his first and most important priority was his people. This to me, speaks to the man that he is. I am proud and lucky I get to work with him daily. He has a mountain of construction and life knowledge to share (in more of a whisper than a shout).”

– Jenny Rausch, Owner of Karr Bick