Inspire: Ponder Your Dream

Timeframe: How long it takes for you to get from your couch to our showroom

Start dreaming by signing up for our fun new series called “How to Create Nothing Ordinary.”  It’s a 5-part video series packed with free downloads that helps you with everything you need to know about initial inspiration through final installation of your project.  

Other Karr Bick resources for you:

  • Karr Bick showroom
  • HOUZZ Portfolio
  • Our Website 
  • Karr Bick Pinterest page
  • KarrBick TV or Youtube channel
  • Karr Bick Instagram page
  • Meet Our Designers videos
  • Design Planning Questionnaire
  • Personality of your Space Worksheet

Design: Shape Your Ideas

Timeframe: Howoever long it takes us together to find the plan you love, could be 2 weeks could be 3 months

Engage with a designer sooner rather than later.  It saves you so much time.  A Karr Bick designer helps you translate your dream into a realistic plan that’s within your budget. That way your contractor can give you real numbers based on real specs rather than general estimates.  Your bank knows exactly how much you want for a loan.  You know whether to involve an architect.  It’s a much better way.  

You don’t have to walk through the unknown alone.  Our job is to be your guide who knows everything you need to consider.  You get to explore all the possibilities and discover what you love and need without worrying that you’re forgetting something.  Myriads of decisions don’t taunt you when you have an expert leading you through this process.  We love to take the scare out of it and just let you enjoy the journey.

Warning: When the ideas start flowing, projects tend to expand very quickly.  Rehabbing one space can easily lead to wanting others included.  Your Karr Bick designer helps you determine and stick to your priorities so your project doesn’t spin out of control and beyond your budget parameters.


Here are some of the steps we will go through in this phase … 


1) Project Consultation (1st meeting)

  • review project mission statement, design planning questionnaire, your HOUZZ ideabooks 
  • discuss your needs/wants for the space
  • discuss initial budget, timeframes, & project scope
  • review our planning resources 


2) Design Consultation (2nd meeting often in space to be designed)

  • designer proposes initial concepts & ideas
  • discuss flow of the space & usage of space
  • discuss the karr bick process
  • refine project scope
  • determine priorities


Assuming you like our ideas … then the real fun begins!


3) Hire Karr Bick

  • measure the space
  • plentiful collaboration with designer for design resources
  • review drawings/plans from builder/architect (if any)
  • space planning (we draw several plans of the space to discuss)


4) Discuss Budget Considerations

  • present floor plan design options (high/med/low)
  • involve construction/installation team 
  • floor plan
  • discuss "good, better, best"  material selection 


5) You approve floor plan design  


6) Build out elevations … now we can begin to select materials

Select: Color Your Vision

Timeframe: 1 to 4 meetings typically in our showroom

Get ready to exercise your decision-making superpower!  This phase moves as quickly as you can make decisions.  This is where you are making choices that determines actual costs.  Because those choices don’t always fit into the budget it is not uncommon to see lots of changes in this phase.  Changing your mind is ok.  That’s sometimes part of the journey.

Once you have floor plan, elevations, and material selection completed … now you can get a really firm idea of the cost of the project 


Here are some of the steps we will go through in this phase …


1) Material Selection 

  • cabinets
  • countertops
  • appliances
  • tile
  • plumbing fixtures
  • lighting fixtures
  • hardware


2) Quotes

  • present material quote
  • present install quote
  • revisit project mission statement
  • reorder priorities
  • revise quotations


3) Finalize

  • agree upon a final design
  • finalize materials budget
  • finalize installation budget

Purchase & Prep: Decisions go from pencil to pen

Timeframe: depends on materials lead times 4-10 weeks


Finalize your decisions.  Now you have to turn in your pencil for a pen. From this point forward, changes cost money.  The more decisions you make ahead of construction and stick with, the smother the project will run. 

 How is your life going to be altered while this space is remodeled?  It will be hardest on you.  The kids and the dog will have a blast.  Where will you eat?  Food prep?  Do laundry?  Take showers?  Store clothes?  Keep dishes?  Think through how to temporarily accommodate these activities to avoid stress and unrealistic expectations.

Once you sign the agreement, don't be surprised if you don't hear from us for a while.  The silence just means we are really busy - ordering materials, preparing construction schedule, obtaining permits, lining up installers, etc. 


Here are some of the steps we will go through in this phase …


1) Purchase

  • agreements signed 
  • material deposit
  • finalize construction documents
  • final field measurements
  • materials ordered
  • installation schedule prepared


2) Prep

  • prepare for temporary loss of your space
  • this is a great time for you to purge
  • get temporary storage for all your stuff
  • pick your paint colors
  • choose furniture & fabrics

Install: See your hard work come to life

Timeframe: depends on the scope of work 2-4 months on average


Anticipate a flurry of activity.  Do things you don’t normally do.  Wash dishes in the bathtub.  Eat in the bedroom.  Invite yourself over to your friend’s house for dinner.  Everyone thinks it’s fun except Mom.  Kids have great stories to tell at school.  The dog is never lonely.

Now you see the big changes as your space starts to take shape.  Have grace for the difficulties because no project is ever flawless.  There will be potholes in the road.  You hired us and we are first and foremost your problem-solvers.  We have your back and will do whatever it takes to work through come what may.  


Here are some things to remember as we go through in this phase …


1) Your construction crew

  • learn everyone’s name
  • welcome them into your family
  • give them occasional treats


2) Embrace the mess as we go through:

  • demolition
  • structural changes
  • rough-in & framing
  • painting
  • flooring install
  • cabinet install
  • countertop measure
  • hardware install
  • countertop install
  • appliance install prep
  • lighting install
  • countertop fabrication
  • countertop install
  • backsplash Install
  • fixture & appliance install
  • finishing touches (carpentry/painting/etc. )

Live In Your Space: Enjoy your new space

throw a party

enjoy with your family & friends!

invite us to see it finished

let the neighbors see

take a bath


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